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Thread: No BT live disc will boot - SQUASHFS Error

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    Exclamation No BT live disc will boot - SQUASHFS Error

    I've been trying to run the live DVD version of BT4 for the past few weeks, and it always comes back to the same problem:

    SQUASHFS Error Unable to read metadata cache entry
    So I tried the beta version of BT4 with similar results. It didn't show the error, it just would start loading the hardware drivers, then stay there indefinitely. Then I tried the BackTrack 3 final Live CD and this time I would just get a black screen after the initial loading screen. It would say "Ready," then change to a black screen and then nothing would happen.

    I tried other Linux live CDs including Knoppix and Ubuntu. Both loaded just fine. So I realize it's a combination of my hardware and something inside of BT4 not getting together. I have checked the md5 hashes of all three and all three are correct. Is there anyway to narrow down what the problem is? I don't mind removing a piece of hardware temporarily while I run BackTrack if that will make this work.

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    Default Re: No BT live disc will boot - SQUASHFS Error

    Did you check the md5sum of your .iso ?
    Also you can try using the DVD with another DVD-ROM.
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