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Thread: Can't get Xorg to accept my resolution

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    Question Can't get Xorg to accept my resolution

    I'm using a laptop with 1366x768 resolution, and when I load BT, the screen is square with two large black bars on the side. I've put the resolution into xorg.conf, commented out all the other resolutions, made sure i was using 32bit color, and it seems to mess up xorg into giving me even worse resolution choices.

    Windows in VMWare detects the screen resolution automatically, so I'm assuming its not a problem with my graphics card.

    I've also tried fix-vesa with no success.

    Thanks for the help, #ubuntu and #xorg on freenode and Google searches have not been able to help me. Its really annoying to have to shrink down the terminal font to see things correctly, and I <3 my screen real estate.

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    Default Re: Can't get Xorg to accept my resolution

    Honestly I never experienced such things with Backtrack, as a matter of fact there are few people who did.

    Do try and give us some more details about what graphic card you are using and maybe someone will help you.
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