Hi again all, well here i am with another problem. I have now managed to get a soft ap all set up and working. after discovering that my last wifi card wouldnt give out ip address! I now have a atheros card installed and all is working fine.

what i have here is a script that i have rapped from other peoples that i have found on the net. mainly from Nick the Greek, with a few ideas from Slippery. thanks guys i have learnt so much from your work.hope you dont mind. i have made this mainly as a way of learning new code, instructions and so i dont have to type it all in all the time.

everything in the script is working fine, but i cant get the upside down images to work correctly? iv tried rearranging all sorts but to no avail.

the script is posted on Pastebin. would anybody be so kind as to have a look over it and see what the flaw could be. thank you all.