So I have an older laptop... Specifically a Itronix GoBook III ix260+.
It only has a cd drive(no dvd) so I am trying to install backtrack via usb without any luck.

CPU: Intel Pentium M 745 1.7GHz
Memory: 1 Gb DDR SDRAM
Hard Drive: 2.5″ 40GB Parallel ATA
Display: 12.1” LCD TFT Enhanced Outdoor Transmissive ColorVue
Graphics:ATI Mobility RadeonDedicated 64Mb
Internal 56K V.92 Modem

Internal 10/100/1000 Ethernet

Wireless Card:
Intel 2200 Internal 802.11B/G


1 x 2.0 USB
1 x Mini 1394a Firewire 400 IEEE 1394
1 x PC Card Type II, III
1 x PS/2
1 x 9-Pin Serial

The usb drive I am using is a 4gb corsair

So first I tried to install bt4 r1...
Load to the console type startx
KDE loads but is slow to load and some items either dont load.... eg right click on desktop and cannot see the text... sometimes i can see the icon on the desktop sometimes i cannot.

So i download bt4 final.
load to console type start x
kde loads the desktop appears complete with
get to the geographical location
when I select the location the drop down box is very glitchy...
can only see the cities when they are highlighted....
select my city...
move forward...
loading partitioner and hangs at 68%....

Anyone have any ideas?