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Thread: help getting SAM file

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    Default help getting SAM file

    Hey all, I am new to Backtrack, I have been just fooling around with metasploit on windows, and finally decide to try other tools backtrack offers. One thing I have been trying to figure out is how to recover windows passwords. I know the passwords are stored in hash form inside the SAM file. However if you do not have access to the system how can I get the SAM file? I been doing research and it says use an alternative OS (like backtrack). I have a live CD i use, but nothing ever says how to access the files within backtrack. I just dont know how to get to the windows directories to find the SAM file inside (windows/system32/config).

    Please help.

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    Default Re: help getting SAM file

    Try looking here: root@bt:/pentest/passwords/samdump2#
    Also try looking on google for how to dump sam , or sam dumping tools linux.
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