hey guys im following this tutorial and i dont understand when it says;

(Now connect your eth1 interface to your unprotected "association AP", change it's channel to the needed one, reconnect, then - just to make sure - do a- $ iwconfig eth1 key off)

(iwconfig eth1 essid AP_ESSID key FFFF-FFFF mode managed)

should i replace the essid with the name of my network? also im using backtrack 2 final, in this tutorial the person uses,

Software used: aircrack 0.6.2, ipw2200 1.1.4, ipw2200 firmware 3.0, ipw2200 inject patch 1.1.4, latest ieee80211 (2.1.5 I believe). All running under ubuntu 6.10 i386, using the stock 2.7.10 kernel.
Hardware: Panasonic CF-W2 laptop with IPW2200 wireless interface.

would all of this be updated in back track 2 final?