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Thread: Can't install bt r1 on my 64bit system any ideas?

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    Exclamation Can't install bt r1 on my 64bit system any ideas?

    I downloaded bt4 r1 iso a while ago ,burnt a cd witch works fine in an old 32 bit system and in virtualbox.
    now i want to install it to hdd because vbox is somewhat limited. But when i go to boot it on my hp dv6, it gives the backtrack boot options but whatever one i choose it says starting up, and doesent do anything, can any one help?

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    Default Re: Can't install bt r1 on my 64bit system any ideas?

    You must be getting some sort of error message. Basic linux knowledge will tell you where to look for said messages as I run it on an AMD Athlon 64 dual core and on a 64 bit Sempron with absolutely no problems whatsoever.
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