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Thread: bt4 slow in virtual box

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    Smile bt4 slow in virtual box

    why is that backtrack slow in oracle vm virtual box, can somebody help me to figure it out?

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    Default Re: bt4 slow in virtual box

    It's not. Your hardware is the problem most likely or your virtual machine settings.

    Also this is not a bug.
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    Default Re: bt4 slow in virtual box

    Try increasing the RAM memory allocated to the virtual machine, also the video memory and you might want to install Guest Additions, maybe these things will improve your performances.
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    Default Re: bt4 slow in virtual box

    I have run BT4 in VirtualBox, and its fine for me too. As sickness mentioned, raise the amount of RAM allocated, and if you installed it in the VM, the Guest Additions help too (at least in terms of usability).

    Have you tried running other virtual machines? How does their performance compare?
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