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Thread: Two new tools I wrote

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    Default Two new tools I wrote

    After getting BT4 working I started looking through all the tools and noticed that there were two important ones missing (that I couldn't find at least) 1. is a random pass generator that uses up and lowercase alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, and special characters (if you choose) It can handle passes not in the normal word lists like Xx0_13eeR. 2. is a digit appender. Basically just adding x integers onto the end of a string x number of times to make new mutations of a word (i.e. apple becomes apple2016)

    I have written a Java version of each that I use on a regular basis now. If anyone is interested I can post a link to the JAR file or just send me a PM. They are still kind of rudimentary but they do allow you to save the passes to an organized .txt file that can be used by all the other tools in BT4 so they integrate well. Also, I kept the size as small as possible so they can be used with a Persistent Thumb Drive.
    The only issue to be aware of is output file size. They can get big if you choose too many passes at once.

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    Default Re: Two new tools I wrote

    Just post it. It might be better than whats currently available. Who knows.
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    Default Re: Two new tools I wrote

    So what does it do that crunch and JTR can't handle?
    I'm a compulsive post editor, you might wanna wait until my post has been online for 5-10 mins before quoting it as it will likely change.

    I know I seem harsh in some of my replies. SORRY! But if you're doing something illegal or posting something that seems to be obvious BS I'm going to call you on it.

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    Default Re: Two new tools I wrote

    Quote Originally Posted by thorin View Post
    So what does it do that crunch and JTR can't handle?

    OP The best bet would be to post the code to pastebin or a similar site, so that others can review it before downloading it.
    Then paste that link here on the forums in your above post.

    EDIT: Moved until the OP decides to respond.
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