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Thread: Ettercap dns_spoof... strange no effect

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    Default Ettercap dns_spoof... strange no effect

    Hi guys...

    Im just deparing at a mysterious problem with dns_spoof at a specific LAN.

    I happens that i can do MITM with success in both ways( gateway - station). After this, i would think that dns_spoofing an unprotected station would be 100% success, but strangely no....

    I checked wireshark traffic and everything appears as it should:
    -station request dns;
    -ettercap intercept and reply to station with wrong IP;
    -ettercap forwards station request to gateway...(useless request);

    So my question is: After mitm be success, there can be any reason that make dns spoofing not possible?

    Edit: btw, at home it works fine and behaves exactly as above
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