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Thread: BackTrack as main OS?

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    Default BackTrack as main OS?

    Hello all, I'm very interested in learning more about computer security so I've recently downloaded BT4R1. I was wondering what the consensus is about using this as my daily OS. Should I dual boot it with another more "standard" distro or (after setting up a non root user) is BT4 suited for general day to day use?

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    Default Re: BackTrack as main OS?

    People have done it, but its probably not the ideal choice for a day-to-day use Linux system, especially if you are not already very Linux savvy.
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    Default Re: BackTrack as main OS?

    I'm using it as my main OS on my laptop, but I recommend dual booting with Ubuntu as well, just so you get the hang of using a Linux system.

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    Default Re: BackTrack as main OS?

    The cool thing with the new forum software is now that you've posted the question, all the related threads are at the bottom of the page. You can see all the arguments for or against this idea and make up your mind from that. I'd ignore the BT2 one though.
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