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Thread: Understanding Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

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    Default Understanding Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

    Hi everyone, a few instructors here at InfoSec Institute have put together a short presentation and video tutorial on how to perform a Man-In-The-Middle (MitM) attack. You can view the presentation that diagrams out how a MitM attack works:

    Man In The Middle – Demystified | *InfoSec Resources

    You can also view a how-to video tutorial that you can follow along with if you have a few virtual machines to play with on your local network:

    Video: Man-in-the-Middle

    In a pen test, it is important to learn how to do these attacks to intercept server to server communication, server to client communication, etc.

    Coming soon we will demonstrate how to perform a MitM attack against SSL encrypted sessions.

    Happy hacking!

    InfoSec Institute

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    Default Re: Understanding Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

    Interesting and informative video, thanks! Beats a lot of the other tutorials out there.

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    Default Re: Understanding Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

    You know what I've been hunting for and never found. An actual way to decrypt SSLv2 traffic or SSL traffic encrypted with weak (40bit) ciphers. Many tools (Nessus, etc) report these as issues but I've never actually seen any practical demonstration of the described weaknesses.
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    Default Re: Understanding Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

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