Cant get meterpreter session ether using SET or Metersploit.
e.g. using on Set BT4-r1
option 2 Web attack vector
2 Metersploit Browser Exploit
2 Site Clone
9 Ms exp "Aurora"
2 reverse-tcp meterpreter
server started

Client - Windows Vsta - Firefox browser
gets cloned site OK
starts Dowloading - then just stays in that state.

Back on Attack machine
server started
Sending stage (749056 bytes) to
then just stays in that state.

The above is just one example, have tried many ways as shown in metasploit unleashed and various video's etc all seem to hang. Also tried with AV disabled.
any pointers please would be appreciated. I don't expect to be spoon fed but I am tearing my hair out (the little what's left). The madening point is I have had it working months ago. I can get a session NO problem if I load the exploit on the victims machine, I am now trying to make the victim download it.
many many thanks