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    although I have not posted so much on the forums I have been watching and learning a lot.

    although I know all the commands to do job this program is a time saver, what could take 5 minutes doing commands and stuff this program can do in less then a minuet sometimes.

    looking at a screen on a computer on the road is dangerous, and this program lowers that danger by over 80%

    I think this program will do well and will become very popular in a short amount of time, so I hope the community will work hard at perfecting its functionality and implement this program into backtrack, this will save much time in trying to figure things out.

    best regards to the programmers of this program and many thanks for all the hard work.

    I also would highly recommend that this program be a sticky on this this forum for easy finding, i feel its worth for everyone to try.

    again, great work!
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