I've searched this forum and a few others regarding my problem. I've found few quite simillar problems (two of them here, in Italian, but google trans helped me a lot) but I couldn't get it to work on my netbook.
That's a standard Asus EeePc 1215N build with 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB RAM and Broadcom WiFi (but I'm using an old -2 years- LinkSys USB WiFi based on RT2675 chipset).
Ok, to my problem.
When I try to start any kind of GUI (including all options from standard BT4 R1 boot menu) or by startx command I get an error, that there is no display and xorg can't start.
I'm trying to solve it by myself, but I just can't. I've spent last 2-3 days on it and nothing.
I do have some basic knowledge of linux and BT (was using BT3 for about 3-5 months, year or two ago) but I think it's not enough.

If you'd like me to post any more info just say it.

Thank you for help,