Hello, I have a huge problem. I have a computer with two hard drives, a 160gb for Windows 7 ( no I don't have a boot disk for it ) and another 120gb hard drive that I stuck in there and installed Back Track 4 on. So naturally I had a dual boot setup with GRUB..... Now, the problem came when I no longer wanted Linux, so I could free up the drive to add to a NAS setup I have. So what I did, is ran a clean all command from windows on it, which writes every sector/every bit to a 0. Now since the drive is written as all 0's it is essentially "Uninitialized" like a new hard drive. So now when I try to boot my computer I get an error:

GRUB loading stage1.5
Error 5

I can't boot into windows because this dual boot crap is in the way, how do I get rid of it???