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Thread: WPA-PSK cracking help

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    Wink WPA-PSK cracking help

    My cousin bet me that I cannot crack his WPA-PSK TKIP router encryption/authentication. I have never cracked one before, but I know how to with the aircrack-ng suite. Other than this, what tools will I need? I know he will have a very difficult and likely random password, are there any dictionary files that act as brute-forcers? What is the best dictionary file? In general, what is the best way to crack WPA? What other tools will I need?

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    The "winning a bet" excuse has always been one of my favorites. Just as a gentle reminder to everyone else here - saying this immediately makes the moderators think you are going to be trying to break into networks without permission.

    Many of these questions have already been asked and answered before, so at the very minimum I suggest you do some more research on the subject before asking questions like this.
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    I personally like the "My typing teacher at school asked me to try and break into the network...." one.
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