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Thread: Having trouble booting from disk

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    Question Having trouble booting from disk

    I have used 3 different burner softwares burning at 2x speed, im using DVD-R from TDK. The md5sum checks out ok. I have tried booting from two different computers. Anybody have any other ideas?? I have read and searched the FAQ and still cant find a solution

    I feel kind of embarrassed too ask this, but do i need to have Linux installed on my laptop, in order to get Backtrack to boot from USB or DVD? Ive tried a USB now, and i get the same problem, "No valid Operating system"

    Need help please
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    Default Re: Having trouble booting from disk

    you've been fairly clear at what you've done so far... kudos for that. unfortunately you haven't really been that clear as to what the problem is.

    take a deep breath and try again...

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    Default Re: Having trouble booting from disk

    Are you sure you have not downloaded the vmware image?
    The correct BT download for booting from dvd is "BackTrack 4 R1 Release ISO".
    If your answer is a definite yes then read below.

    Are you sure you have set the computer(s) boot sequence up?
    If your answer is yes to above, then do you have another bootable cd to test and does it boot?

    If the answer to both of the above is yes, then you now know the problem lies in your writing the BT iso to disc, which is usually very simple.

    For me, I find the easiest way to write a bootable image to disc is to use a piece of freeware called Free ISO Burner AVAILABLE HERE, it`s very basic but serves perfectly for this purpose, I also prefer to write at 4 or 8x speed as opposed to 2.
    Sometimes I try to fit a 16-character string into an 8–byte space, on purpose.

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