Okay, First is there a way I can boot from my Macbook Pro natively without VMware. I have looked and looked for ways but none seem to work for me. I have a USB flash drive I use on my windows PC ideally I'd like to use that if somebody knows a way to boot it on my Mac. I can't seem to find the info online.

Secondly, If I manage some way to boot BackTrack 4 on my Mac. Is there a way I can save my WPA handshake to let aircrack-ng run on it. I like to go out and capture handshakes and let them run using JTR but it is soo slow on my netbook (like 100 keys a second). I'd like it to run on my MacBook Pro which is much faster!! Can I just save the handshakes and then transfer them to my Mac install of BackTrack 4? Since I run BackTrack 4 on my netbook via a USB drive boot how can I save the files?

Any help would be awesome! Thanks!