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Thread: Intel Wireless bgn 5100 injection patch?

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    Default Intel Wireless bgn 5100 injection patch?

    hello i have been trying to inject with my wireless card and it does not seem to work , it is a intel wireless bgn 5100, i know there is a patch out there but i am unsure of what to do as the tutorial is dated in 2008 with kernal but i am currently at 2.6.34 , can anyone tell me how can i get packet injection working? any help would be great thanks.

    please dont give out to me i have checked google and loads of forums and have not found any up to date tutorial for my question, hope i have this in the relevant forum


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    Default Re: Intel Wireless bgn 5100 injection patch?

    hello frank,
    I have your same problem. have you managed to solve it?

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