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Thread: help w/bt2 on macbook (parallels) install - alfa usb AWUS036H

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    Default help w/bt2 on macbook (parallels) install - alfa usb AWUS036H

    hey guys,

    im trying to sort out this issue with my new bt2 install on my macbook running parallels.

    first off, ive installed bt2 to the virtual drive. boots and runs fine.

    i have the alfa AWUS036H driver installed on the osx side, and it functions properly... associates etc... no prob.

    when in the virtual machine, however, it is listed as eth0, and when i do a iwconfig, it says "no wireless extensions."

    so much for the "new support for alfa usb devices even on a macbook"

    i can pull an ip and i have network access, only through eth0 tho.

    my question is, how do i get the usb wifi adapter to use the correct driver, and or show up as a wifi device within bt2?

    on my thinkpad runing the live cd, the alfa shows up and works great, injects and all that. on the macbook tho, it only shows up as an etherent device.

    is this because of the limitations of the rlink driver that parallels uses? it (parallels) only lists one driver for use with bridged networking.

    i really need someone to hold my hand on this one, as there are may variables at play through which im not sure which is causing this problem.

    it should be plug and play, as it is on my thinkpad...

    any suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated

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    just an update...

    a little rtfm and some testing and ive figured this out.

    i was trying to use the alfa as a virtual network device in parallels which uses the generic pci ralink driver,,, which wouldnt work. i found that by setting the alfa up through the shared usb option, it works. bt finds the device and autoconfigs the drivers for it. allbeit a bit slow in parallels.

    ive also tested the alfa and bt2 on vmware fusion (altho ive been having trouble installing to the virtual drive) and it works as well.

    while i use a thinkpad with the live cd of bt2, its nice to know its possible to use a macbook with bt2 on a virtual console

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