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Thread: bypass wifi network "security" scan

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    Default bypass wifi network "security" scan

    Hey everyone, I'm new to backtrack and relatively new to linux. So bare with me if I might overlook the obvious. But my question seems that it may be more than just a beginner question, regardless to be safe, I'll throw it in here.

    Anyway, let me explain my situation. I have a netbook that's running a dual boot of linux mint and backtrack. When I try to connect to the wifi at school, it allows me to do so without the use of a wep/wpa, instead when I open a web browser (firefox) it automatically redirects and asks for my student ID along with the password. Internet is unaccessible without it.

    The Problem: I put in the ID and password and it directs me to a page that says that I need to install the newest java. I did so, then I kept getting that same message. I went to the IT desk and asked them what's up. They told me that I don't have an antivirus and that the network does a scan (using java) of each wireless computer that connects to the network to see if it has up to date java, antivirus, and an active firewall. If it doesn't, it won't allow the computer to connect for fear of infecting the network if your computer is sick. WHICH IS FUNNY, since you can hardwire yourself into the network without being scanned and have full access (I tried). Anyway, I installed AVG and tried yet again, with failure. The IT desk at this point abandoned me saying that "they don't know." "We don't do Linux." My netbook was all of a sudden running a lot slower due to the antivirus and the fact I'm using an atom processor. So I uninstalled AVG since it didn't give me the result I'm looking for.

    The Question: I'm curious if there's a way that I can send the "OK" back to the server that I have all the requirements needed in order to connect to the network. Or if I can, is there any way I could bypass this scan entirely (just as if I was hardwiring into the network). Any wifi tricks I should consider, or whatever, would be deeply appreciated.

    I'm not asking how to break into the network, I have the ID/password needed to get in, I'm just looking for a way to get around this stupid requirement that should only be required of Windows OS computers.

    Once again, I appreciate any help. Thank you.

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    Default Re: bypass wifi network "security" scan

    Well why do you need to run BT at your school ?
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    Default Re: bypass wifi network "security" scan

    Ok, Mod Edit: We won't be discussing the above post. I would encourage you to also read the rules you agreed to.

    Does this help?
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    Default Re: bypass wifi network "security" scan

    To the Op. We will not be discussing this problem here.
    I would suggest you either run something your network admins are willing to work with, or don't access their network.
    I mean you don't need BT at school. Try getting an education while you are there. Most likely it is mandatory to be there anyhow.
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