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Thread: MITM - Wireless Connection Only

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    Default MITM - Wireless Connection Only

    Ive been playing around with Airbase, DHCP Server, and ettercap.

    My question is, Im using a laptop and im connected to my wireless network.
    And I want to know if I can create an FAKE AP then routing that fake AP to my real AP which im connected to? But all wireless.? Or do i need to be connected to the internet through a lan cable, and create the fake ap to route the client to that internet?

    I just want to know if i can do this wirelessly. Just my laptop connected to the AP and then routing the client through my fake ap to my real AP, and be able to sniff.



    Ive been using Airbase, Ettercap, DHCP for a little bit now. And would like to know if this scenario is possible.

    1. My laptop is connected to the internet through my AP wirelessly !!!!
    2. Create a fake AP, and have this FAKE AP route clients to my real AP?Thus allowing me to sniff.

    a) Do i have to be connected to the internet through a cable to make this work? Or can my laptop be connected to the internet through my AP.

    Ive been playing around with this now, and only managed to get the FakeAP up and running. I can connect to it. I can even use ettercap or wireshark to sniff. But the DHCP server part is failing. Because when I connect my phone to the FakeAP, the internet does not work. So im guess the DHCP server is setup wrong, and its not routing the FakeAP to the real AP.

    Any help will be good. Thank you,
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    Default Re: MITM - Wireless Connection Only

    If you want to connect/distribute or publish two wifi networks at once, you need two cards. Plain and simple.

    I've not run a configuration like this on my dual-wifi-nic laptop before, and though I have the feeling I've seen it said somewhere that you can't do it, I've no good reason to see why not. One frequently bridges two wifi connections on a FreeBSD device kicking around the LAN with success - problems may be a limitation of airbase/fake-ap.

    Process is simple: Connect NIC 1 to wifi network. Start fakeap on NIC 2.
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    Default Re: MITM - Wireless Connection Only

    Would also help if you post the command(s) that you've used to setup the DHCP server and what was the output of the command when initiated.

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    Default Re: MITM - Wireless Connection Only

    Check out the experts forum - I have Rogue AP script that may help you...

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