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Thread: Asus 1008HA Bluetooth Not Working

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    Question Asus 1008HA Bluetooth Not Working

    I can't seem to get my onboard bluetooth interface to work.

    Does anyone else have this issue?

    Is there some command I don't know, or possibly a driver I'm suppose to have?

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    Default Re: Asus 1008HA Bluetooth Not Working

    Well what did you try, to get it to work?
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    I haven't really tried much I guess, I looked in hardware and it doesn't show up, not sure what else i could do.

    Made sure it was on in windows before I rebooted, not much else I can do when BT4 doesn't recognize it I don't think, but thats why I'm here, maybe there is something.
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    Default Re: Asus 1008HA Bluetooth Not Working

    I have same pc , whem boot press F2 and enter setup on board devices turn on bluetooth there
    you have same options for wireless and internal network adapter

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