now straight off the bat I know how noobish this post is, but there would be a lot of starters up who would be thinking the same thing - perhaps without even realising it ----- but they are still wondering the same thing ----- Don't know how since they realise it but they are but I digress

Ok so I can update with the metasploit auto update but if theres a particular exploit I want and I goto http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/121

there is an exploit I want to use for my Ubuntu box and I goto the exploit tab and then I find the code - Wonderful

but how do I compile it? for starters it is I think in C ---- please do correct me if i'm wrong

Am I lookin in the wrong place? is there a repository with pre made exploits?

I am very ignorant and have spent alot of time trying to do this without sucess

so any help - from the basics e.g find the down to compiling it would be wonderful

And Also --- I notice with these exploits that some of them require additional information like service name or other obscure details ---- where do you learn about these things?

I am currently begining to learn ruby is this a good place to start as far as learning code goes?