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Thread: KDEInit could not launch 'vlc'

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    Question KDEInit could not launch 'vlc'

    After playing a song in VL media player, whe I'm closing VLC media player, I'm getting the error message "KDEInit could not launch 'vlc'" although vlc is being closed.
    I'm using Backtrack 4 R1.
    Dragging a file to be played on to vlc is also not the solution of the above mentioned problem.
    What has happened in KDEInit??

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    Default Re: KDEInit could not launch 'vlc'

    I am having the same problem, does anyone have a solution ?

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    Default Re: KDEInit could not launch 'vlc'

    it's a common bug on KDE 3.5 and KDE4 for vlc. U can bypass it by creating a shortcut on desktop and configure it, but kinda weird solution. I would advise u to hang on the default videoplayer.
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    Default Re: KDEInit could not launch 'vlc'

    I know this is an old thread, but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents for new users.

    This error is produced by trying to open a file with just "vlc"... instead you need to use "/usr/local/bin/vlc" and this error will be fixed.

    If you go to Settings>KDEComponents>File Associations then select "Audio" then "x-mp3" under "Application Preference Order" click "edit" if you messed it up already... go to the "Application" tab and change the "Command" to "/usr/local/bin/vlc"

    Hope this works for you guys.

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    Default Re: KDEInit could not launch 'vlc'

    You could just open a vlc and than drag and drop whatever you want to play and it works.
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    Default Re: KDEInit could not launch 'vlc'

    just open vlc in terminal


    when you close it, the command never show up again

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