Hello all,

I am quite familiar with linux in general, I have used wpa_supplicant in the past but not all that familiar with it. I have a linksys wpc54g pci wireless card I am trying to get to work. I have set all my config files for wpa2 and gotten my psk key. I even tried the gui tools which created the same config file i did manually. The issue Im having is sometimes after letting it sit when running wpa_suppliant -iwlan0 -Dwext -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf it might eventually connect but never gets an IP address. It seems that when its trying to connect, it waits about 10 seconds and disconnects from timeout when authenticating. What Im new to is backtrack so Im not sure if there is a driver I need to enable for the broadcom chipset so it will work properly or does anyone have any ideas?