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Thread: New MTRR error after upgrading to 2.6.34 ?

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    Default New MTRR error after upgrading to 2.6.34 ?

    I feel I'm getting a MTRR error that I didn't have before my upgrading to 2.6.34 and related.

    After having been working without problems (well, I had someone with IPW2200 and WICD) already solved, I do LOGOUT and then a series of messages come. The last one is:

    Error setting MTRR (base= 0xe0000000, size= 0x02000000, type= 1) Invalid argument (22)

    Any idea of why I get it and how to sove it ?

    ******** Edit: I booted with an old Live-CD and got similar message. I understand it is not a critical issue, but would it be any way to avoid it?
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