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Thread: IPW2200 stop to work after upgrading

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    Default IPW2200 stop to work after upgrading SOLVED!

    Hi, I have Backtrack 4 installed in a HDD and not updated since maybe May 2010.

    Today morning I just updated/upgraded my Backtrack 4 and the wireless my Thinkpad has (Intel 2200 BG) stop to work.

    Looking to the booting messages I read something about "Main .... error ... cannot load ipw2200....". Afterwards (as expected) when booting is finished, I looked for eth1 and, as expected, it doesn't exists....

    I found another forum topic of about July 2010, already closed, where the answer was "talked with other colleagues/developpers and it is a known issue to be fixed in the coming days with a new module update..."

    Is it already fixed? Is there still any plan for fixing it? How can I get my wireless again working?

    Finally, sorry for the very basic question, but being a somehow newby in Linux, is any way I could do a "roll-back" to the situation I had before the upgrading?

    Thanks so much for your help
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