Well ok first of all I want to say that I almost did try to post this in the idiot corner becuse I feel like I am one And that im not an god in english so my spelling may be rong some times.

Well I have searched the forum for an anser and I cant find it.
I have actualy searched in the forum for 2 days with out finding it

I do not want to be Mean now but I think its kind of hard to find what your looking for in this forum. some more "Sticky" topics with links to find the downloads in the "Back Track 2 Final" area is some thing you guys might want to think of

Well and I also like to say Yes I Am A NooB About This.
But im no Noob at all to computers, (im not best, im far from best but im not stupid :P)

Well To the Problem, I am a big noob on the Nero Part and i dont know with what specifics to burn the cd. I have guessed it is an "boot cd" to burn but i dont know with "ISO 9660 + joliet" ore only "ISO 9660"

And i dont know with what Emulation To burn it?
"No Emulation"
"Floppy Emulation 1.20MB"
"Floppy Emulation 1.44MB"
"Floppy Emulation 2.80MB"
"Hard drive Emulation"

I have tryd and burn it with the "No Emulation" and it did not boot the cd it just said "Error, insert system disc and press enter" (its some thing like that anyway)

I have also tryd the standar floppy size "Floppy Emulation 1.44MB" did not work it says the same, and the same goes for the "hard drive Emulation"
And I have tryd with both the Just "ISO 9660" and "ISO 9660 + Joliet"

And I have set My Bios To boot from the Cd first and not the hard drive.
I have also made the Partition I need and so on.

And I know I can start with some thing easyer as "Ubuntu"? but I liked the thought about the Live CD (and I cant find a "Live CD" download I guesses it is the same iso as the install iso?) Becouse then I can try and see how this look's

Well The Real Problem is that it dont boot the cd for me.
It starts to Read and says some thing like "nvidia boot (blablabla)" and its works and then says the "Error, insert system disc and press enter"

And I have Re-downloaded the Iso From the Ftp tryd the burnings and still dont work.

Then I thought I can take my mp3 and install it on? but when I pack up that "bt2-usb-final.tar.gz" is Corrupted? Same thing there I have Tryd to Re-Download it and it says the same thing (have tryd both "Win Rar" and "Win zip"

but sins the file is named ".zip.gz" I guess your not supose to Unpack It so I wonder what am I supose to do with it?

And last of all I read in one Thread (about some laptop I think?) where he/she hade problem to start it (almoste like me but not the same) and it was some thing about the Cpu i think? (I think im wrong)

so I thoght that I list my Hardware,

CPU - AMD Athlon-64 3200+
Pcie - ATi X1900XT
Mobo - Gigabyte GA-KN8F-9

Pre Thx For any Help you guys gives me.

~GnaB AiM