I am using backtrack 4 (installed on hdd) on a hp530 laptop. I don't use the onboard wireless card iwl3945.

I have two USB adapters, one with rtl8187 and another with zd1211rw. I tested injection with both adapters with aireplay -9 and it shows Injection is working! 30/30 100%.

But when I try to capture IVs it goes really slow (1 every few seconds).

(I execute aireplay-ng -3... while airodump is running).

I don't have r8187 installed.

Do I have to apply some patch? I was reading this rtl8187 [Aircrack-ng] but those patches seems to be for and older kernel. Plus im not sure if i know how to use them (i only used patched with compat-wireless, make make load make install).