hi all
befort I haved a sitecom wireless router, I can very easy crack my wep key even I don't have any client on the network.

one week ago I bougth a E-Tech wireless router, then I set same wep key on deze router.... because I want to try crack the key....

I have a sweex rt2500usb with CVS hourly tarball: rt2570-CVS driver installed.

there is no pc connect to network.... so there no client. I use airodump to capture some ivs, but after 2 hours I only have 200 ivs.... but I do have a good signal.... then I try to Fake authentication with airplay, but it's never not suceed without Fake authentication I can't do any Interactive packet replay or ARP request replay attack..

I have read or watch a lot forum and tutorial.... I haved try a lot different ways...

can some body tell me what to do?

p.s sorry for bad english