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Thread: Isolate and attack router/cable modem

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    Default Isolate and attack router/cable modem

    Hello Forum people,

    I have a question related to the possibility/tools used by external users to infiltrate a home or office cable modem (or router) over the Internet. If a user knows the IP address of a given cable modem and/or router, are there ways to remotely log into it without attacking from inside the network? Ruling out back doors installed by a user inside the network, what other methods would allow an attacker to gain access to a given LAN with knowledge of said IP address?



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    Default Re: Isolate and attack router/cable modem

    First of all you would need to identify the type of router the victim is using. Afterwards, do some research on that router and if it has any open ports the ISP's techs connect on to troubleshoot it. Look for vulnerabilities for that router. Other then that, I couldn't think of anything else. There's not much you can do about that, especially with NAT enabled and no open management ports.

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