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Thread: Wifite installed from repos

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    Default Wifite installed from repos

    After installing wifite from the repo, trying to launch it from kde menu results in the program not loading. To correct this problem, right click on the dragon icon and select menu editor. Now select Backtrack>Radio Network Analysis>80211>All and scroll down to wifite. Change the command to the following:

    sh -c "python; sudo -s"

    Save the file and launch wifite.
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    Default Re: Wifite installed from repos

    We will get that fixed A.S.A.P. Thanks for the report

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    Default Re: Wifite installed from repos

    This has already been fixed, it is just not in the repos, yet. It should be soon.
    In the meantime the above command will also fix the issue. Running the tool from the command line, also works.
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