hi, i am trying to run sslstrip with a squid proxy server setup

i have squid setup for my wirless network my setting are

LAN= 192.168.0.x

my ddwrt router redirects all WLAN traffic to on port 3128, WLAN clients manually put the proxy server in there web browser it is not a transparent proxy

squid is working fine and logs all traffic, i cant work out how to run sslstrip along side squid to capture all passwords for WLAN

i dont see the point in running arpspoof cause all traffic is routed to my backtrack machine running squid.

i have been trying to get this working but cant, if all traffic is coming to me on port 3128 and i have sslstrip running on port 1000 i thought all i had to do was forward port 3128 to port 1000 however sslstrip will only capture the proxy username and password and stop WLAN clients from surfing the internet

help anyone?