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    my brother was messing about on my linux boot, and thought he would be clever and ran xconf, command at the start, so when ever i try to launch startx or flux, it goes to a black screen. seen i'm on a laptop i can't press ctrl + alt + plus, anybody got any ideas of how 2 reverse the xconf command so i can run the gui, any help will be much appricated.

    if it helps ive daul booted my acer ferrari 4003, so im running xp home and back track 2, i switch between them using my own lilo bootmanager that i created.

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    Default nobody to blame


    I did the same thing but unfortunately my brothers are all too far away to blame. The following command fixed it for me

    fixvesa – restore original vesa xconf

    Picked it up from the dev notes.

    thank you devs

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