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Thread: ettercap - LAN Sniff

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    Default ettercap - LAN Sniff

    Hi, i am new to BT I tried to use ettercap but i think it doesn't work: i have a LAN with 3 PC: the first is a server where a created a login page, the second is the client and the third is yìthe attacker pc. When i execute these commands

    echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward and ettercap -T -q -i wlan0 -M ARP / /

    ,where is the router IP and is the victim IP, i don't get any error, but it seems that nothing happens while the victim pc is connecting to the server login page.
    The only thing that i can sniff is when the victim pc connects to the router page ( and enter the user and the password (admin-admin).

    Where is the problem? It's something with ettercap or BT or with the server and login page?

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    Default Re: ettercap - LAN Sniff

    why don't you put the fake page in your system and spoof the victim into it ? ..better to u .. on the other hand .. if you want to do as you are doing .. try to put the victim ip before the router ip
    if not solved >>> try to explain your problem more
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    Default Re: ettercap - LAN Sniff

    Off the top of my head, I believe that running Ettercap sets ip_forward to 0. I believe this is in the man page.

    But for the simple task that you are trying to accomplish, I don't believe setting ip_forward is necessary.

    If you want to see the traffic passing through the gateway, you must specify "arp:REMOTE" - again, this is in the man page.. might be worth the 3 minutes to read it.

    -- Tom
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    Default Re: ettercap - LAN Sniff

    I tried with ettercap GTK using arp remote but nothing changes...

    Where is the problem?

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