HI all im, ive been reading about BT for some time now, but am new to actually using it. So after downloading BT2 Final and buring it to CD i thought i would try the relitivlly easy task of cracking my home networks WEP key. So after loading up Kismet and getting all the BSSID's and SSID'S from Airodump i put this into Airplay to stimulate packets:

aireplay-ng -3 -b 00:16:B6:2E:C3:4E -h 00:16:CE:1D:B5:BA rausb0
Once i start the ARP injection i get the message " The interface MAC (00:11:95:85:A3:7E) [which is the MAC for my wifi adapter] dosn't match the spesified MAC (-h)

IFCONFIG rausb0 hw ETHER 00:16::CE:1D:B5:BA.

Then it goes on to try to inject but wont get an ARP's and wont send and packets.

Please help!!!

Oh and my hardware is the Dlink DWL-G122 Rev b1 firmware 1.00