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Thread: Backtrack 4 and WG111 V2 (GW3887) or IPW2200

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    Default Backtrack 4 and WG111 V2 (GW3887) or IPW2200

    I'm new to Backtrack 4 and tried finding a solution to this on the forum, but have had no success. My situation is this: I have a laptop with a built-in IPW2200 wireless card. It works fine for browsing the web and capturing data with airodump, but it will not support packet injection. For a week I tried to find a solution and could not. I found an old WG111 v2 in a desk drawer and tried it but Backtrack didn't even recognize it. After some research, I found that the WG111 v2 could be used, but after following other people's solutions, it still will not work. I would like to be able to inject and capture packets. Should I try to use my IPW2200, WG111 v2, or both? If so could someone lead me in the right direction on how to get them working? Thanks in advance and any help is appreciated!

    When I use the lsusb command, I get this:
    Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0846:4240 NetGear, Inc. WG111(V1) rev 2 54 Mbps Wireless [Intersil Prism54 Intersil 3886]

    The adapter itself has v2 on its side, but it is recognized as v1 on Backtrack.

    When I type iwconfig, the only thing that is being read is my built-in card.

    I hope these details help in finding a solution.

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