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Thread: metasploit win vista/7

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    Default metasploit win vista/7

    Hello I know most of the exploits are patched on a vista/windows 7 box. I have gotten some exploits to work on my XP SP2 dummy. What I wanna test is my vista/win7 box but was wondering if there is an exploit that would work on anything if you had physical access to it. I have a windows 7 box, but if i have physical access to it how can i setup a meterperter session. Can anyone point me in the right direction to a good exploit/payload. I am guessing I would have to use a social engineering method but I have tried pdf and it did not work.

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    How much physical access do you have exactly? Do you mean that you can log onto the machine from the console? If so you can just embed a Meterpreter session in an executable and just run it....

    Why don't you just install some vulnerable third party software on it and exploit that?
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    Default Re: metasploit win vista/7

    Well my main goal is to get a social engineering attack to work, I have two PCs at home I use one as a victim to practice with. I successfully got ARP poison attack to work, now I tried everything I could with metasploit to get a meterpreter. No social engineering attack even with the tool I could get to work. Could you link me or give me a brief example on how I would embed a meterpreter into the other PC?

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    I think you should actually check out the SET official site, they have some nice videos that can show you how this is done, also you might want to take a look over the Video section here.
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