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Thread: How to assign "wlan*" for each device ?!

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    Lightbulb How to assign "wlan*" for each device ?!


    First of all thanks for all the efforts you guys put in here, from giving helpful information to programming helpful stuff for us to use. Back to subject.

    The subject is :

    How can I assign specific "wlan" for specific Device " Device MAC Address" so I can run two wireless device on the System "Back Track 4 R1" to use one with "wicd" and the other for monitor and crack wireless in site.

    For example: With "wicd" I configure "wlan3" for the first device and for "AirCrack" I use "wlan1".

    So when I plug those devices each one goes to what it assigned for ( the first run in "wicd" and the second just standby for whatever I want to do such as: Monitor some Wireless network around.


    ifconfig -a
    wlan1 "standby'
    wlan3 "information about the network i connect to"


    Hope that i explain what am looking for and make it easy to understand what the purpose of this post.


    Hope that i can find the answer fort this with you guys


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    Default Re: How to assign "wlan*" for each device ?!

    My head hurts after this. What are you asking for??? Ok, here we go again, perhaps you should start here:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Or if those two confuse you, perhaps:
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    Default Re: How to assign "wlan*" for each device ?!

    Do you need a pair of glasses? We don't.. Ctrl +/- to zoom in/out if you have trouble reading in your browser..

    There's no need to assign a specific wlan to a specific device, BT does this automatically, what you can do is assign an app to a specific wlan (which is clearly what you want), just read ifconfig, aircrack and widc documentation, and you'll realize what you're asking is to be spoon fed.


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