hello. i've been using backtrack for some time now, mostly for wifi auditing. the thing is that with aircrack you have to capture the handshake in order to start cracking the password. that's all good in theory, but what if there's no one connected to the ap? and i've noticed that people are mostly using very unsecure passwords.

so, i've been trying to write a bash script, that would use wpa_supplicant to try to authenticate with an ap. it would use a list of a 100 most common passwords. i think it would be faster this way than waiting for someone to connect...

i encountered a problem when running wpa_supplicant, because it keeps trying to authenticate with the same password over and over again. so i can't grep the output to my script or get an exit code :/

anybody knows how to tell wpa_supplicant not to retry countless times?