hey guys
at first I want to apologize for my poor english skills .
I'm trying to describe my situation and problem.
I downloaded backtrack 4 final and did it to a usb stick with unetbootin. While booting I
get an error: EXT3-fs Sda6 couldn't mount because unsupported optional features (240)
after waiting several seconds the shell appears. But a login attempt with root as username and toor as password failed. But this is not my main problem because I could start it with the command "startx"
After that I opened the shell and tried several commands:
Network controller: Intel Corporation WiFi Link 1000 Series

Wlan0 IEEE 802.11bgn ESSID:"" Mode: Monitor ...(I think irrelevant)

airmon-ng start wlan0:
wlan0 Intel 4965/5xxx iwlagn - [phys0]SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory
(monitor mode enabled on mon0)

airodum-ng mon0:
ioctl(SIOCSIFFLAGS) failed: No such file or directory

these bold messages are my problems.
I googled the las error message and got to the page of aircrack:faq [Aircrack-ng]

Why do I get ioctl(SIOCGIFINDEX) failed: No such device ?

Double check that your device name is correct and that you haven't forgotten a parameter on the command line.

When using linux-wlan-ng driver, be sure to enable the interface first with airmon-ng.
I think I didn't do anything wrong. Hope you can help me.

greets xparet0209