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Thread: help with wireless

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    Default help with wireless

    Ok, im pretty new to linux. also, i just got a new laptop, which isnt helping. i installed BT4R1 as a dual boot, so my lappy boots with grub. the OS starts fine, but the OS cannot find my wireless card. im running a Realtek RTL8191SE 082.11n PCI-E NIC card. ive tried running all the normal commands in konsole, along with a few i just recently read about. ive concluded that maybe i dont have the right drivers, or my card isnt compatible(which is weird, its a popular card)

    where can i get the drivers, and how do i install them? thanks

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    Default Re: help with wireless

    At the risk of starting yet another thread on this same topic which (if history is any guide) will likely go nowhere...

    Can you provide some more information. What commands did you run, what was the output, etc. If you dont include this we cant confirm that you have covered all the basic stuff.
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