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Thread: Ideas for improvement

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    Default Ideas for improvement

    I've taken the metasploit unleashed. offensive security 101, and other tutorials on the forms.
    Are they other (free) major tutorials I'm missing? (I searched around and didn't see any BUT..)
    If not, what are some exercises I can do to continue to build on my skills?
    I know the more I use what I know, the better I get, but could perhaps someone recremend specif exercises that are really helpful?

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    Default Re: Ideas for improvement

    Depends on what you want to keep learning!

    If you want to continue and to understand more deeply the metasploit, you will learn how to program in Ruby, then C, networks, protocols, .... ie, it is a long way, you are your best guide!
    Of course, google helps a lot too!

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    Default AW: Ideas for improvement

    You could try your skills with for instance the De-Ice vms.

    Also I'd strongly recommend taking the OSCP if you are serious about learning and developing pentest skills.

    It is by far the best course you can get and also not that expensive.
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    Default Re: AW: Ideas for improvement

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I will def look up the OSCP .

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