Hi guys,
Ok so i didnt do my research very well and i bought a netgear wg111v2 in order to try out some of the tools on the aircrack suite. I thought i had read that it fully supported packet injection although this appears to not be the case.

Anyways, following the guides and how-tos it took me about a week but i managed to get the correct drivers installed and actually get it working in bt4 (im running bt in virtualbox).

im alright with the fact that ive mistakenly purchased a unit that doesnt support packet injection (if you have managed to get this feature to work i would love to hear how u did it).

THE PROBLEM IS THIS! - i have managed to connect to my home wireless network successfully several times. However now im unable to connect and i get a message saying ''bad password'', i havent changed any settings and the encryption type and passphrase are definitely set correctly. I dont understand how one minute it is fine and then it suddenly decides to not work. How on earth do i go about trouble-shooting a problem like that? or perhaps the best advice would be to stop wasting time with this device and get something a bit more compatible?

Any advice greatly appreciated