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Thread: NETGEAR wg111 v2 .. very temperamental! advice sought..

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    Default NETGEAR wg111 v2 .. very temperamental! advice sought..

    Hi guys,
    Ok so i didnt do my research very well and i bought a netgear wg111v2 in order to try out some of the tools on the aircrack suite. I thought i had read that it fully supported packet injection although this appears to not be the case.

    Anyways, following the guides and how-tos it took me about a week but i managed to get the correct drivers installed and actually get it working in bt4 (im running bt in virtualbox).

    im alright with the fact that ive mistakenly purchased a unit that doesnt support packet injection (if you have managed to get this feature to work i would love to hear how u did it).

    THE PROBLEM IS THIS! - i have managed to connect to my home wireless network successfully several times. However now im unable to connect and i get a message saying ''bad password'', i havent changed any settings and the encryption type and passphrase are definitely set correctly. I dont understand how one minute it is fine and then it suddenly decides to not work. How on earth do i go about trouble-shooting a problem like that? or perhaps the best advice would be to stop wasting time with this device and get something a bit more compatible?

    Any advice greatly appreciated


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    Default Re: NETGEAR wg111 v2 .. very temperamental! advice sought..

    That particular card should be compatible (I have one) but it's not that strong, so you'll have to be fairly close to the AP you want to attack.
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    Default Re: NETGEAR wg111 v2 .. very temperamental! advice sought..

    how are you connecting to your home network?
    1.are you using command line or wicd
    make sure that the passkey is correct in wicd or you can do like i do and just connect via command line, then you know what pass phrase is being handed over to the ap.
    Its also slightly possible that if your card's connection to the ap is too weak your packet loss may be so high that its messing up the 4 way handshake and that's where your passkey error may be coming from.
    i'm just throwing out ideas for you to check, or you can turn off the encrypotion on your ap for a minute and check if the card can connect then and you at least can rule out a hardware compatability problem with the card. I have a netgear 511 and i love mine, and it injects, works on all aircrack attacks.
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