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Thread: files does not stay in my virtualbox bt4

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    Default files does not stay in my virtualbox bt4

    hi all, i've downloaded the BackTrack 4 Final Release.iso (1.5GB) and i mounted it as an image in the virtualbox, boot up and able to "startx" into the X-window mode, browse internet with bridged all fine. However, everytime i shutdown and boot up back the BT4, the files saved are all gone. As if i am running on a CD and the files did not save to my media storage tat i had assigned (.vdi).

    Can someone please advice me how to sustain those files that i put on the X-window desktop? I am running on Windows 7-64Bit, Virtualbox version 3.2.8 r64453. thanks

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    Default Re: files does not stay in my virtualbox bt4


    You must install backtrack on your VM. Already there is the icon on the desktop, just follow the guidelines.
    Read all of these topics:

    (gdb) disass m(y_br)ain


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