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Thread: Help with Wi-Fi

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    Default Help with Wi-Fi

    I am using BT4 through Oracle VM. I have Wi-Fi, but it does not work when I am in the VM. Backtrack cannot acces the Internet. FYI I have already set up my firewalls. Could it be the port forwarding or something else? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default AW: Help with Wi-Fi

    Do you have an USB wifi adapter?
    Or a built in?
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    Default Re: Help with Wi-Fi

    Quote Originally Posted by XxsithlordxX View Post
    FYI I have already set up my firewalls.
    By 'set up' I hope you mean you've disabled them. If your ever trying to troubleshoot a network problem disable any firewalls in case they are the cause. Also when your asking for help, please provide as much information as possible. e.g. hardware info, host OS, versions, detailed descriptions, etc.

    That said, my money is on what KMDave said. If you only have an internal wireless card and you JUST want internet (cracking will not work), then you need to connect to a network on your host OS and use NAT or bridging in your VM. I'm not familiar with Oracle VM so I can't help any further.

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