Hello all. I've been having some problems installing Backtrack and I'm hoping that someone here might be able to give me some advice.

I originally tried following the procedures in the video guide to setting up a dual boot installation but the process of copying the files did not complete (I left the process running for at least an hour) and so the rest of the installation failed. I then cleared the XP installation (it's an old laptop) and tried the PDF guide for a single installation - this got as far as using the Backtrack installer but that process hung at 81% and stayed at 81% for about 4 hours. The activity light on the DVD drive stayed lit on both those attempts and in all the subsequent ones.

Is it possible that using a DVD is the cause of the problem? Is there some setting within Linux that I need to change to improve the handling of copying large files from the DVD? Sorry if that's a stupid question, complete Linux virgin.

Thanks in advance